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Eléonore Dumont

Photographer & Leica ambassador

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Speaking Sessions

October 14, 202314:30
October 15, 202311:30
October 16, 202314:30


The spotlights come on for me, very early on, on a large orchestra stage, with a bunch of other little budding violinists. I took a serious hit of juice in my veins and my heart starts beating impetuously.

And then comes the studies. I opted to study cinema at INSAS. Cinematographic art draws on both the collective imagination and the desire to report on the world around us.

After film sets, I took a sidetrack and became a paid photographer. I discovered photography of newborns and small children.

At the same time, I launched into the wedding sector and it was a success.

Everything I learned in cinema, I apply it to my job as a photographer and it gives me real fulfillment, that of creating the image of others and infusing them with my energy!

After a long period of intensive work, I decided to go solo, develop my own signature and welcome you to my studio. The rest of the adventure, it is with you that I wish to continue it and put it into images. It is now your story that you will come to tell me so that I can magnify it!