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Felix Rabou

Photographer & Fujifilm Ambassador

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October 14, 202311:45

Creating dreams 🇳🇱

Content Creators Stage


Felix Rabou (°2001) is a young photographer from Schelle (Antwerp, Belgium) who graduated in 2023 from the Narafi in Brussels in Audiovisual Techniques, Photography specialisation.

“Photography became my language, my life changer, my razor-sharp focus when I discovered – first also at the Antwerp Kunsthumaniora and at ColomaPlus in Mechelen – that I could do so much more with it than with words.”

As a student entrepreneur, Felix developed as a professional with various projects: from portraits and landscape and architectural photography, to collaborating on commercial assignments for product advertising (Natan, Red Devils for GLS, Aldi, etc) and for TV channels (vtm, Play4). He also regularly travels on reportage for DPG Media (Het Laatste Nieuws).

His style is a mix of artistic flair and technical precision. “It’s not just about pressing at the right moment, but also about capturing the emotions, grabbing the story behind it.”

Felix’s personal focus is on surrealist photography, which comes out in full force in his series ‘Dreams’. “For that series, my fantasies as a child play a big role.” He explores how to push the boundaries of reality and takes the viewer into an alternative world. This by merging and editing his own photos in Photoshop, resulting in a cinematic atmosphere. “This allowed me to create images that don’t really exist, yet are convincing enough to be seen as truth.” Inspiring in this was the work of photographers such as Erik Johansson and Gregory Crewdson.

Felix Rabou exhibited with ‘Dreams’ at Unfold, the graduation exhibition 2023 of Narafi at Tour & Taxis (Brussels). His work was also shown at the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa and at the Albert metro station in Brussels.