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Haryo Nindito


Speaking Sessions

October 14, 202311:30
October 15, 202312:30
October 16, 202311:30


Haryo Nindito is an artist/portrait photographer/educator

Haryo is influenced by art in paintings where artists applied the chiaroscuro (light and shadow) technique. He travels miles and miles to amazing locations with great architecture, sometimes bringing designers’ dresses from Belgium, just to create beautiful photos. He has done photoshoots in Belgium, the Netherlands, Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Lucerne, Ukraine, Singapore, Java, and Bali. He shoots all year round in all seasons, whether it is in a studio, indoor, or outdoor. He has done exhibitions in The Hague, Brussels, Paris, Denmark, Germany, and New York. He has given photography workshops in Belgium since 2019. He also gives online webinars to worldwide audience.