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Valentin Bianchi

Photographer & Canon ambassador

Speaking Sessions

October 14, 202314:30
October 14, 202315:30


Valentin Bianchi is a Photojournalist based in Liège, Belgium. Not far from the borders with Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

He started his career as a Freelance Photographer in 2009. His journalistic work focuses on long-term as well as current affairs subjects. He is very interested in subjects related to minorities and the forgotten.

After studying Architecture and collaborating with different offices, architecture today influences his view in a graphic style.

Between work on long-term issues, he regularly collaborates on news covers and portraits for agencies, newspapers and magazines.

To his credit, several international awards. Nominated for Unicef ​​Photo of the Year in 2012, finalist for the ANI-PixPalace Visa Prize in 2013, finalist for the Mentor Prize in 2017 in Paris. He was also selected for a Masterclass with the NOOR agency in 2018. One of his reports produced in Japan was screened during the 2021 Visa pour l’image Festival.

His work has appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic, Le Monde, The Globe and Mail, Le Soir, Washington Post, The Washington Times, USA Today, The Atlantic, Boston Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, La Croix, Les Inrocks, La Vie, De Morgen, Le Vif-L’express, De Standaard, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, The Telegraph, De Tijd, L’Echo, Libération, Le Nouvel Obs.

Valentin has been a member of Studio Hans Lucas since June 2017, Stringer for the Associated Press since 2015.

Valentin has been a Canon ambassador since 2023.