Jasper Leonard

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Jasper Leonard, Sony ambassador, born in 1985, is an artist based in  Antwerp Belgium.

As a small town boy he grew up in Sint-katelijne Waver. Leonard was fascinated by  photography from his youth and began taking pictures at the age of 9 when he was given his first camera.
At the time he had no idea that professional photography would evolve as his passion.

He achieved a master in Visual arts at Sint Lucas in 2010 and has since been active in different artistic projects, this is where he discovered his enthusiasm for photography and soon decided to bring it to an other level.

For his dissertation “cyclopes” he experimented with the creation of photo lenses and wanted to overcome the relationship between realities and its photographic expression.

Jasper got an extra course in photography at syntra and became one of Antwerps freelance

In 2012 He became one of Antwerps city photographers.