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Chiaroscuro Technic 🇬🇧

October 14, 202311:30Green Room

Chiaroscuro Technic

Haryo Nindito is a portraiture photographer living in Belgium since 1998. His passion for art portraits only started in April 2018. He is influenced by art in old paintings where artists apply the chiaroscuro technique (light and shadow). He post-processes the photos to create dramatic effects.

In most of his photos, the subject resembles a princess wearing beautiful dresses in beautiful places, but also with traditional decorations from Indonesia. He travels miles in incredible places and sometimes brings Belgian dresses, just to take beautiful pictures. He has realized photo shoots in Belgium, the Netherlands, Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Lucerne, Ukraine, Singapore, Java and Bali.

He works all year round, indoors/outdoors/studio, in all seasons. He has exhibited in The Hague, Brussels and Paris, New York, … He also gives seminars and workshops on art portrait photography.

Haryo post-processes the photos to create dramatic effects.



Haryo Nindito


Event Info

  • October 14, 2023
  • 11:30 - 12:15
  • Green Room